Bitcoin Magazine Faces Legal Dispute with Federal Reserve Over Satirical ‘Fednow’ Merchandise

Bitcoin Magazine, a prominent media outlet focusing on bitcoin news,

finds itself embroiled in a trademark dispute with representatives from the U.S. Federal Reserve regarding its satirical Fednow merchandise. The Federal Reserve contends that the parodied items, bearing the name Fednow, infringe upon its image and trademarks, prompting concerns from legal counsel.

Federal Reserve Challenges Bitcoin Magazine’s Parody Merchandise On November 3, 2023, Mark Goodwin, Bitcoin Magazine’s editor-in-chief (EIC), disclosed that the publication had received legal threats from the U.S. Federal Reserve concerning its satirical Fednow merchandise. The Federal Reserve alleges that the use of the trademark without permission creates a false impression of a connection between the publication and the central bank.

The disputed merchandise comprises nine items, including T-shirts, long-sleeves, sweatshirts, and hats featuring the Fednow name. The letter “O” in Fednow incorporates an eye-like symbol, symbolizing vigilant financial oversight.

Bitcoin Magazine Refutes Allegations and Issues an Open Letter Bitcoin Magazine has rebutted the allegations and penned an open letter to the deputy general counsel of the Fed’s Financial Services division. In the letter, the publication suggests that the Fed might find interest in its latest print publication, which critiques the Fed’s policies and their impact on the economy and the country. Despite a cease and desist request, Bitcoin Magazine asserts that it will not comply, emphasizing its commitment to free speech and satire.

The publication contends that the recent introduction of the Fednow interbank communication system has deeply unsettled its team and readership. Bitcoin Magazine maintains that its use of the Fednow mark falls within its First Amendment rights for social commentary and satire.

Bitcoin Magazine’s Response to the Federal Reserve’s Request In response to the Fed’s request to discontinue the use of the Fednow mark, Bitcoin Magazine affirms its intent to defend its right to sell merchandise conveying its stance on the Fednow system. The publication remains steadfast in its commitment to exercising free speech and will continue to utilize fair use imagery to express its viewpoint.

The Federal Reserve’s legal counsel urges Bitcoin Magazine to cease all usage of the Fednow mark, including on merchandise, and refrain from any future association with the trademark.

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