Bitcoin’s Ordinal Inscriptions Surge to Second-Highest Daily Count, Prompting Transaction Spike

In a notable development for the Bitcoin blockchain,

November 4, 2023, witnessed a significant surge in the creation of Ordinal inscriptions, marking the second-highest daily count in Bitcoin’s history. This surge in Ordinal inscriptions corresponded with a notable uptick in transaction activity, underscoring the dynamic nature of the Bitcoin network.

Second-Highest Daily Count of Bitcoin Inscriptions Recorded, Fueling Transaction Frenzy and Mempool Congestion

As of block height 815,455 on November 5, 2023, the Bitcoin blockchain registered approximately 37,868,190 Ordinal inscriptions, following a remarkable rebound in inscriptions from the preceding months. Notably, November 4, 2023, emerged as a standout day, with the blockchain recording 433,471 new Ordinal inscriptions, marking the second-highest daily total in Bitcoin’s history.

This surge in Ordinal inscriptions on November 4 catalyzed a corresponding spike in Bitcoin transaction activity, making it the second-busiest day for transactions in Bitcoin’s history. A total of 698,917 transactions were verified and added to the blockchain on November 4, surpassing the previous high of 682,281 transactions recorded on May 1, 2023. The surge in transaction volume underscores the growing utility and adoption of Bitcoin as a means of value transfer.

Impact on Transaction Fees and Network Congestion

The surge in Ordinal inscriptions has not only propelled transaction activity but has also impacted Bitcoin network fees and congestion. Miners have accrued substantial transaction fees from inscriptions, with fees totaling 2,201 BTC as of the latest data, reflecting a significant increase since late July. The doubling of Ordinal inscriptions from July to November highlights the rapid growth and utilization of this feature on the Bitcoin blockchain.

As a result of the increased transaction activity, the Bitcoin network has experienced a backlog of pending transactions, reaching approximately 166,000 at block height 815,457. Network fees for block space have correspondingly varied between $0.29 to $1.86 per transaction, reflecting the fluctuating dynamics of network congestion and demand for block space.

Looking Ahead

The surge in Ordinal inscriptions and transaction activity on November 4 underscores the resilience and dynamism of the Bitcoin network. As Bitcoin continues to evolve and innovate, stakeholders will closely monitor developments in transaction volume, network fees, and blockchain utilization, anticipating further milestones and advancements in the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

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