Bulgaria’s Oldest Soccer Club, PFC Botev Plovdiv, Embraces Bitcoin Payments

PFC Botev Plovdiv, the oldest soccer team in Bulgaria,

has announced that it now accepts bitcoin payments at its fan shops and catering points during matches. In addition, fans who use bitcoin for purchases throughout the month of November will enjoy a 10% discount.

Bitcoin Payments for Merchandise and Tickets PFC Botev Plovdiv has made it possible for fans and the general public to purchase merchandise using bitcoin at the club’s fan shops and catering points located in the central stand during matches. Moreover, the club is working to extend this payment option to fans interested in buying tickets.

Throughout November, fans who opt for cryptocurrency payments will benefit from a 10% discount on their purchases. Anton Zingarevich, the club president, expressed excitement about adopting bitcoin, highlighting its potential to revolutionize various aspects of daily life, much like the internet did.

Partnering with BTCPay Server PFC Botev Plovdiv has chosen BTCPay Server, a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor, as its partner for implementing bitcoin payments. Nicolas Dorier, an executive at BTCPay Server, emphasized the company’s focus on promoting local bitcoin adoption in 2023 and expressed commitment to supporting transformative initiatives like this one.

Founded in 1912, PFC Botev Plovdiv competes in the Bulgarian Parva Liga, the country’s top soccer league. By embracing bitcoin payments, the club aims to reinforce its image as a forward-thinking organization dedicated to modernizing and popularizing the sport.

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