Developers on Google Cloud to ‘Verify’ Smart Contracts Using Space and Time’s ZK-Proof Protocol

Google Cloud developers utilizing the BigQuery data warehouse now have the capability to authenticate blockchain smart contracts and other business processes through Space and Time’s zero-knowledge (ZK)-proof protocol. This integration enables developers to ensure the accuracy of computed results and verify data integrity within their cloud data warehouse services.

Enhancing Data Integrity with ZK-Proof Protocol James Tromans, Head of Web3 at Google Cloud, announced that developers leveraging BigQuery can now employ Space and Time’s ZK-proof protocol to cryptographically confirm the accuracy of computed results and detect any data tampering. This functionality, known as the proof of Structured Query Language (SQL), is particularly valuable for enterprises seeking to connect their cloud data warehouses with smart contracts.

Furthermore, Space and Time’s ZK database empowers developers and enterprises to construct Large Language Models (LLMs) based on verifiable datasets and data-driven smart contracts.

Advancing Web3 Development at Scale Tromans emphasized Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting Web3 developers in building scalable applications. By integrating Space and Time’s ZK-proof protocol into BigQuery, customers gain the ability to verify blockchain smart contracts and conduct other business processes requiring verifiable compute against data.

Nate Holiday, CEO and co-founder of Space and Time, highlighted the increasing demand for verifiability across enterprise technology stacks. He expressed confidence in the collaboration with Google Cloud, anticipating a future where verification becomes standard practice throughout digital operations.

Deployment and Collaboration Benefits Space and Time’s

decentralized data warehouse is now deployable from the Google Cloud Marketplace, offering developers enhanced partner benefits such as development and go-to-market support. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards enabling a “verify-everything” future in enterprise computing.

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