Fun Is Key to the Success of Decentralized Games, Says Cryptopia CEO Sangho Grolleman

Sangho Grolleman, CEO of Cryptopia, shared insights on the importance of fun in decentralized gaming during a recent interview on the News Podcast.

With extensive experience in the cryptocurrency realm since 2018,

Sangho brings a diverse skill set to Cryptopia, having been involved in various cryptocurrency startups and roles such as CEO, COO, and advisor. His passion for gaming spans over three decades, making him uniquely positioned to understand the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology.

Sangho believes in the transformative potential of Web3 technology, emphasizing the need to empower individuals and grant gamers ownership rights over their in-game items. At Cryptopia, the focus is on delivering a captivating gaming experience rooted in enjoyment and genuine character progression. Whether players choose to be strategic Tycoons, adventurous Adventurers, daring Pirates, or noble Bounty Hunters, Cryptopia offers a range of engaging roles and experiences.

Cryptopia addresses key challenges within the Web3 ecosystem by providing user-friendly access with an integrated multisig wallet and a player-run node mesh network for efficient networking traffic management. This approach ensures accessibility and excitement for all players.

To learn more about Cryptopia, visit, engage with their Discord community, or follow the team on Twitter. For additional insights from Sangho Grolleman, follow him on Twitter as well.

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