Infowars Host Alex Jones Fails to Reclaim 10,000 Bitcoin in Max Keiser’s Quiz

Alex Jones, the host of Infowars, missed out on the opportunity to recover 10,000 bitcoin he lost on a laptop over a decade ago, after failing to answer a series of Bitcoin-related questions posed by international journalist and Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser. Keiser offered Jones a chance to retrieve the lost bitcoin by correctly answering five questions about Bitcoin, but Jones failed to provide a single correct answer.

The Questions Max Keiser presented Jones with five questions:

  1. How many total bitcoins will ever exist?
  2. How frequently does the difficulty adjustment occur?
  3. What is the name of the core hashing algorithm?
  4. How often, on average, are new blocks generated?
  5. Is Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto?

Jones’ Response Unfortunately, Jones was unable to answer any of the questions correctly, prompting Keiser’s disappointment. Despite the potential value of the lost bitcoin, which would now be worth over $350 million, Jones took a light-hearted approach to his failure, jokingly expressing relief at not winning the digital currency.

Keiser’s Frustration Throughout the quiz, Keiser expressed frustration with Jones’ lack of seriousness and preparation. He criticized Jones for not taking the opportunity to learn about Bitcoin over the years when he could have potentially reclaimed the substantial sum. Keiser particularly emphasized his disappointment with Jones’ inability to answer the seemingly straightforward fifth question, suggesting that anyone keeping up with the news should have known the answer.

Final Thoughts Despite the light-hearted tone of the exchange, Keiser’s quiz underscored the importance of staying informed about emerging technologies like Bitcoin. Jones’ failure to answer the questions serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of neglecting to stay abreast of significant developments in the digital currency space.

What are your thoughts on Alex Jones’ performance in Max Keiser’s Bitcoin quiz? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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