Smart Contract Platform Tokens Dominate Crypto Market with 26% Share Amid Market Uptrend

The past week has seen significant growth for smart contract platform tokens,

with the top performers all experiencing gains against the U.S. dollar. Ethereum (ETH) led the pack with a 4.2% increase, while Solana (SOL) surged by an impressive 32.5%. Overall, the smart contract coin sector witnessed a notable uptick, with 32 assets posting double-digit percentage gains.

From Ethereum to Solana: Smart Contract Platforms Thrive Smart contract coins have exhibited strong performance over the past week, collectively experiencing a 1.6% increase in market capitalization in just one day. As of November 5, these platform tokens command a total market cap of $357 billion, representing 26% of the total crypto economy.

Among the top performers, Ethereum (ETH) holds the largest share of the market at 62.18%, with a 4.2% increase in value this week. Binance Coin (BNB) also saw a notable uptick of 4.9%. Meanwhile, Solana (SOL) recorded an impressive 32.5% surge.

In addition to these leading tokens, Cardano (ADA) experienced a 12.4% increase, Tron (TRX) rose by 3.4%, and Chainlink (LINK) expanded by 4.4%. Notably, several tokens achieved gains exceeding 35%, with Juno (JUNO) leading the pack with a remarkable 110.8% surge.

While most smart contract coins saw gains, some experienced declines during the week. Viction (VIC) suffered a 25.4% decrease, Cypherium (CPH) receded by 14.5%, and Meter Governance (MTRG) slipped by 7.9%.

Overall, the top 100 smart contract crypto assets recorded $14.12 billion in day-long trades. Despite the dominance of Ethereum, the top ten smart contract coins collectively represent a significant portion of the market, accounting for $324 billion or 90.75% of this segment.

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