‘What Is an NFT?’ Emerges as Most Searched Crypto-Related Phrase in the US — Study:kiasb zxc.lk adsf’jzcv

An analysis of nearly 300 questions has revealed that the phrase

“What is an NFT?” is the most searched crypto-related term in the US, with an average of 39,459 monthly queries. This search volume for NFT-related inquiries surpassed the average by 2,575%. Interestingly, queries for “What is the blockchain” followed closely behind, with a search rate of 26,283, representing a 1,681% increase compared to the average search volume for analyzed questions.

U.S. Interest in NFTs Peaks According to the analysis conducted by Marketplace Fairness, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have garnered the highest curiosity among US residents. The search volume for “What is an NFT?” exceeded the average volume for the analyzed questions by a significant margin. Additionally, the phrase “What does NFT stand for?” garnered an average of 13,516 monthly searches, marking an 816% increase over the average.

Exploring Blockchain Searches Following NFTs, Americans displayed considerable interest in understanding the blockchain technology. Queries for “What is the blockchain?” registered a search rate of 26,283, surpassing the average search volume by 1,681%. Meanwhile, other blockchain-related inquiries such as “What is the blockchain technology?” and “How does the blockchain work?” averaged 5,285 and 1,419 monthly searches, respectively.

Inquiries About Cryptocurrency The analysis also highlighted the popularity of cryptocurrency-related searches in the US. Queries like “How does cryptocurrency work?” recorded an average search rate of 4,683 per month, marking a 217% increase over the average. Additionally, terms like “What is cryptocurrency mining?” and “How to mine cryptocurrency?” garnered monthly averages of 6,725 and 1,866 searches, respectively.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Interest Marketplace Fairness’ analysis noted an average monthly search volume of 2,850 for the term “decentralized finance,” indicating a 93% increase above the average.

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